Utilizing Creation as a Path to Healing in Floral Design

In the world of floral design, creativity is our lifeblood. It’s what fuels our artistry, inspires us to craft stunning arrangements, and brings joy to those who receive our creations. But what happens when that creative well runs dry? How do we find inspiration when we’re emotionally drained or creatively zapped?

I’ve been there, and I’d like to share a personal story that illustrates the power of creation as a means of healing. It was a time when my creative energy hit rock bottom – the day my beloved 95-year-old grandfather passed away.

His loss was a profound blow. He wasn’t just family; he was my best friend. And his passing shook me to my core. To make things more challenging, we had four weddings lined up for that Saturday – just two days away.

I was emotionally drained, physically depleted, and creatively bereft. But I had commitments to fulfill and couples to celebrate. So, I had to dig deep within myself to find that spark of creativity.

I decided to lock the doors of my floral shop, creating a sanctuary of solitude where I could focus without distractions. Whether I was concentrating on my grief, the flowers I was arranging, or simply taking the next step, I needed that space.

Music played a pivotal role in my healing process. It has an uncanny ability to encourage movement, evoke deep emotions, and stimulate profound thoughts. As I created bridal bouquets through tears, the timeless tunes of Hank Williams and Stompin’ Tom provided a poignant backdrop.

This experience turned out to be profoundly healing. By allowing myself to confront and feel the pain of grief, and by channeling that emotional energy into my creative work, I was able to craft stunning floral arrangements for my brides. It wasn’t easy, but it was a way to honor my grandfather’s memory while fulfilling my commitments.

Ways to Create as a Path to Healing

I share this story to highlight the therapeutic potential of creation, not just in floral design but in various forms of artistic expression. When life throws its heaviest punches, these creative outlets can be a lifeline:

Floral Arranging: As floral designers, this is our natural medium for self-expression.

Gardening: Cultivating a garden can be grounding and healing.

Painting: Letting your emotions flow onto the canvas can be cathartic. Don’t worry if you’ve never painted before; it’s about the act, not the outcome.

Writing: Words have the power to heal, whether through journaling, poetry, or storytelling.

Playing Music: Music has a unique ability to touch the soul and release pent-up emotions. If you play an instrument, dedicate more time to it.

Photo Collage or Slideshow: Creating visual narratives and reliving beautiful moments can be both creative and therapeutic.

Cooking: Preparing a meal with love can soothe the spirit.

Sewing/Knitting: The act of creating something tangible can be deeply satisfying.

Remember, the act of creating can be an everyday thing, like cooking a meal with love and sharing it with loved ones. It’s not about being the next Picasso; it’s about allowing your creativity to flow in a way that feels right for you. New hobbies and interests are often discovered by taking a leap and trying. Don’t hesitate to explore, and let your creativity guide you on a journey of healing and renewal.

Science also supports the idea that using our hands in creative endeavors can have a profound impact on our mood. According to neuroscientist Kelly Lambert, certain physical activities, especially those involving our hands, activate the brain’s “effort-driven rewards circuit.” This activation, linked to visible, tangible results, can bring about a sense of well-being.

So, when life gets tough, and creativity seems distant, remember that your hands hold the power to heal. Embrace the act of creation, whether through flowers, art, music, or any other form, and allow it to guide you on a journey of healing and renewal.

Source: Psychology Today

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  1. how very true, when lifes has been a challenge for me, i started my first course with the HCC and then with bursting into bloom, its filled my head with useful information, and what i couldnt do anything about diffused and now i cant lmagine life without knowledge x

    1. We are so honoured to be a part of your healing journey. It’s so important to feed our brains and our souls with positive, encouraging and useful information. I am so proud of you for taking helpful steps!