The Blooming Trend: Flower Gifts for Men

When you think of gift-giving, what comes to mind? Perhaps, it’s not typically flowers for men. However, a study by Interflora found that an overwhelming 88 percent of men have never received flowers as a gift. Here’s the twist – 48 percent of these same men expressed their desire to receive flowers. It’s a fascinating paradox. Why do we rarely give flowers to men, and when might it be time to consider a change?

Exploring Men’s History with Flowers:

Throughout history, men have shared a deep and intricate relationship with flowers, transcending cultures and civilizations. Let’s explore some of these historical connections:

Ancient Civilizations: Men cultivated flowers not just for their aesthetic beauty but also for their practical uses.

Ancient Egypt: Men grew flowers like lotus and papyrus for their medicinal properties and religious rituals.

Ancient Greece: Men adorned themselves with floral wreaths or garlands during festivals and celebrations, symbolizing their connection to nature and the divine.

Middle Ages: Flowers played a vital role in courtly love, where men would present women with intricately crafted bouquets as tokens of affection.

Renaissance: Flowers reached new heights as botanical exploration and scientific inquiry flourished. Men like Carl Linnaeus and Charles Darwin made significant contributions to the understanding of flowers and their reproductive mechanisms, laying the foundation for modern botany.

Victorian Era: The language of flowers became a popular means of communication, enabling men to express their emotions and sentiments through carefully chosen blooms. I can just picture the men and women of the time spending hours selecting the perfect florals to convey exactly what they were feeling to their chosen recipient. 

Almost half of men, 48 percent to be precise, expressed their wish to receive flowers. Yes, you read that correctly! These desires were shared by many, whether for a special occasion or just to brighten an ordinary day. Men appreciate the thought, effort, and sentiment behind a well-chosen bouquet.

Choosing the Right Bouquet:

If you’re considering giving flowers to the men in your life, you might wonder where to start. The key is to choose blooms that resonate with their personality and preferences. While flowers are often seen as delicate, there are plenty of options with a more robust and masculine appeal. Florals that resemble strength such as delphinium or bells of Ireland, would be a great choice. Eryngium, better known as blue thistles, would be a good option as they’re unique and edgy. Bold-colored roses in deep shades like red or orange also make excellent choices for a more masculine touch.

There are numerous occasions to give flowers to men – birthdays, promotions, achievements, or simply as a reminder that you care. A floral gift can brighten their day and convey your thoughtful sentiments.

Why It Matters:

Why should we normalize giving flowers to men? The benefits extend far beyond the initial surprise. Flowers have a profound impact on our psychological and emotional well-being. Studies show that receiving flowers can elevate mood, reduce stress, and even improve cognitive function.

Unfortunately, for many men, their first experience of receiving flowers is posthumously, at their own funerals. It’s a poignant realization of a missed opportunity. So, why wait until it’s too late? Men desire and appreciate the beauty, thought, and emotion behind a well-chosen bouquet. Flowers can enhance their well-being, brighten their days, and create cherished memories.

I gave my brother the gift of florals a couple months ago. His response was filled with so much surprise and joy. He texted me later and said that the flowers brought so much happiness to him and that it was such an unexpected gift that truly made him feel special. A couple weeks later he came back to my shop and purchased some florals for himself because he loved them so much. 

This is a snippet of a post from his Facebook page – proclaiming the enjoyment he received from his florals! Walking to my car with flowers from @thegreenhousefloralbar and a guy says to me “Good luck young fella!” I turned and said “Thanks! But these are for me, I gotta feel pretty sometimes too!”. Men love nature and deserve to enjoy it in their homes as well! 

The florals my brother purchased for himself after realizing how much he loved having florals in his house. 

The next time you’re considering a gift for the men in your life, consider flowers. Express your sentiment and embrace the beauty of nature. Let’s work together to normalize the act of giving flowers to men and celebrate the emotional power of floral gifts.

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  1. My husband loves it when I fill the house with blooms grown in my own garden, but being very conservative, would think it strange if I gave him a floral gift.