Woodland Waxed Canvas Wristlet

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My grandmother, Mary Lou, tells a story of her early married years that she holds as a very sweet moment in her life. She, her mother and her new husband (my Grandfather) went onto their neighbor’s farm land to pick wildflowers. My grandfather wandered away to walk the land while she and her mother filled their baskets with flowers. They talked and laughed and shared nuggets of wisdom together. On the way back, they raced each other through a field and both tripped, spilling their baskets of flowers. They laid on the ground in the summer sun and giggled until they were crying. When they finally gathered what they needed and walked to the road, my grandfather was waiting without his glasses on. He’d lost them when he took a nap by the cows and truly suspected one of them had swiped his specs.

It’s a simple story, one hardly worth the retelling, but it calls out to a deep desire to slow down and enjoy the little moments.

This sweet little floral print serves as a beautiful reminder to slow down... and maybe keep my glasses away from any inquisitive bovine.

This wristlet fits all you need and more!


▶ Comes with a leather wrist strap that detaches with a gold lobster clasp

▶ All bags are lined with a printed cotton. The prints and colors will always coordinate with the outer print but will vary based on what we have in stock.

▶ Pockets are open slip pockets on the inside lining measuring approximately 4" x 6"

▶ This bag measures approx 8.5" across with a 7" zipper opening. It is about 5.5" tall with boxed corners to add some width.

▶ Because each bag is handmade just for you, it may differ slightly from the photo. Colors in the photos may show differently on your screen.

▶ We wax our own canvas here with a beeswax blend that we created.


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