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Waxed Canvas Folk Floral Backpack

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This is every little one’s adventure-loving BFF.

For treks over mountains and through valleys, flying in a plane over enemy territory, conquering the Great Wall, sailing across the sea in a pirate ship and flying through space, this bag has every kid covered.

This drawstring backpack is the perfect size for your little adventurer with adjustable straps and a body measuring 12”x10”x3”. There are segmented slip pockets on the lining to organize all of those colored pencils, sticks, rocks, and random things kids like to collect.
For me, it would have been leaves from my hikes.

Waxed canvas can take a beating and be wiped down when dirty. We now offer free re-waxing so that when this backpack is used to it’s fullest, we are happy to touch it up for you.