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Hand Waxed Catch-All Pouch (Small and Medium)

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This trifecta of pouches is your handy new bff. These hand waxed catch-alls are designed to tuck into your messenger bags, totes, purses, glove boxes, drop kits, tool boxes, reusable grocery bags, lunch boxes, suitcases, carry ons, diaper bags, briefcases, art bags, anything! All measure in at 5.5” tall but vary in width, the small is 8.5”, medium is 9.5” and the large is 11.5” wide. We use them to carry chargers, cords, pocket size games, hand tools, toiletries, art supplies (always), notebooks and pens, wallets and phones, the list goes on.


Please note that this listing is for the two-pack of the small and medium catch-all. The measurements are 5.5” x 8.5” and 5.5” x 9.5”.