Flannel Plaid Wanderer Waxed Canvas Crossbody Bag

Flannel Plaid Wanderer Waxed Canvas Crossbody Bag

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A beautiful waxed canvas bag purse perfect for following you wherever you go. The high quality plaid flannel will give that hipster or lumberjack vibe when wearing this. The waxed canvas base and strap keep this bag sturdy.


▶ Comes with a waxed canvas shoulder strap that is easy to detach if needed. It is 52" at it's longest.

▶ All bags are lined with a printed cotton. The prints and colors will always coordinate with the outer print but will vary based on what we have in stock.

▶ Pockets are open slip pockets on the inside lining measuring approximately 4" x 6"

▶ This bag measures approx 11.5" across and 11" tall

▶ Because each bag is handmade just for you, it may differ slightly from the photo. Colors in the photos may show differently on your screen.

▶ The colors in the bag are an orange/red (still up for debate here), a minty green, white and navy blue

▶ We wax our own canvas here with a beeswax blend.



▶ Leather tassels are made using repurposed or scrapped leather in order to keep a more eco responsible business. Shades will vary.


▶ We ship via USPS Priority Mail. Please keep in mind that while USPS estimates a 1-3 day shipping timeframe, it can take a bit longer to arrive.