Our Brand Reps

Meet our Burst into Bloom Brand Reps!


"My name is Rachel and I am photographer and videographer based out of sunny Arizona. In addition to running my business I also attend college at Arizona State University.  I have a passion for documenting moments, wether it is a wedding, the birth of your child or just everyday life! I also love to travel and visit new places! It is so fun for me to experience the culture of different parts of the world! So far my favorite place I have been is Italy! One of my favorite parts of my job as a photographer is that I get to meet and work with so many different people and brands. I love working together with other people to create something amazing!"

You can see Rachel's amazing work at https://www.rachelbakerphotosandfilms.com

Don't forget to follow her on http://www.instagram.com/rachel_baker_photo 




"My name is Taylor, I am the owner/lead photographer of Taylor Jade Photography, specializing in editorial and portrait imagery. I grew up in Michigan, but have called Phoenix, Arizona home for nearly 10 years now. I am a self confessed coffee addict and sushi lover, I love travel, concerts, and of course photography!
I enjoy creating stories with an emotional and cinematic approach. I find myself incredibly
inspired by the colors and aesthetic of the Southwest, along with a personal love for all things vintage. Above all I love photography as a way to express my passion for storytelling, and connect with some pretty amazing people."

You can see Taylor's stunning images at http://www.taylorjadephotography.com

You can follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorjadephotography



"I'm a professional photographer, practical nurse and certified 200+ hour yoga
teacher. l live in Minnesota, but my strong curiosity for adventure brings me
across the world! I am a nature enthusiast with over 10 potted plants in my home
at all times. Outdoor fanatic having been raised in Juneau, Alaska until the age of
14. Animal lover & mom of two crazy, amazing rescued dogs and one rescued
kitty. Travel addict with over 30+ countries visited. Last but not least, I thrive off a
good book, cold press coffee & pasta.
My passion for photography started when I was in middle school, after my father
surprised me with my first DSLR camera. I currently have over 7 years of
experience photographing professionally and a soft spot for shooting fashion &
I love the variety that photography offers, the ability to shoot anywhere and
anything; allowing creativity to be endless."


Want to see the creative portraits by Jen? Check her out at www.jenmontgomeryphotography.com

Give her a follow on Instagram: Instagram.com/jenmontgomeryphotography