Lush Fall Floral Arrangements

As we transition into the fall season, it’s time to bring fresh color, texture and shapes into our arrangements to make them pop. When choosing colors, opt for autumnal hues of orange, yellow and red, which blend beautifully with rosey pinks and blushes.

Look around and see what’s in bloom in your neighborhood for extra inspiration. This is how I start many of my arrangements and sometimes end up creating something totally unexpected!

I love using foraged flowers and greens from my garden to bring seasonality to the designs, such as trailing vines and magnolia leaves. The contrasting brown color in the magnolia leaves will especially speak fall to the arrangement. Floral varieties of yarrow, sunflowers, and dahlias will add seasonal texture and scabiosa pods, seeded foliage and ripening pomegranates will add some unexpected creativity.

Here are a few of the beautiful fall arrangements you can put together yourself. Try mixing them up and using some local wildflowers you can find in your neighborhood.

1 – Zinnias, Marigolds, Foraged Texas Flowers and Pomegranates

The arrangement above is made from 1 bunch of marigolds, 1 bunch of zinnias and garden picked sunflowers, pomegranate, greens and pink clovers.

I hand picked the pomegranates and wild sunflowers in South Austin in the afternoon, and mixed them with some beautiful Zinnias and Marigolds I bought at my local flower shop.

2 – Simple Mini Arrangements For Your Home

These simple small fall mini arrangements are great to place around the home. All garden picked flowers and greens.

I hand picked all of these lovely flowers from my garden and put these together in just a few minutes. In Austin I was able to find yellow and white yarrow, dandelion, magnolia leaves, dahlias and moody hydrangea. Even in places where the climate is rough you can always find beautiful flowers. The deep purples add drama to the brighter yellows and pinks.

3 – A Unique Fall Boutonniere

These boutonnieres below make an excellent choice for a wedding in the fall. They are made from scabiosa pods, seeded eucalyptus, wax flower and craspedia and are wrapped in twine for a rustic touch.

Try Yourself and Post On Our Facebook Group

Go for a walk in your neighborhood and garden, visit your local flower shop, and see what beautiful arrangements you can make. Just mix the flowers together and take a picture. Don’t be afraid to get creative! You’ll learn to get better as you go.