Embrace August: Thrift Shop Gems, Honey Bee Support, and Wildflower Wanderings!

As the golden days of August unfold, we invite you to embrace the spirit of discovery and celebration! On August 17th, let’s revel in the joys of National Thrift Shop Day, followed closely by National Honey Bee Day on August 19th – a heartfelt tribute to our essential pollinator companions.

At Burst Into Bloom, our passion is to infuse each moment with beauty and wonder. Join us as we intertwine the allure of thrifted treasures, the poetry of wildflowers, and a commitment to support our invaluable honey bee friends.

Unveiling a Thrifted Gem and the Whimsy of Wildflowers:

In honor of National Thrift Shop Day, I embarked on a treasure hunt and uncovered a delightful white vase, reminiscent of a dainty pitcher. Adorned with soft pink, yellow, and blue flowers that exude the charm of wild blooms, this thrifted gem captures the essence of carefree summer days.

To craft an arrangement that captures the very essence of the season, I gathered an assortment of cosmos, cornflower, coneflower, liatris, hosta flowers, and freesia from a local farmer – a cherished source of nature’s treasures. With this vibrant palette, I retreated to my backyard haven to craft an arrangement that encapsulates the spirit of summer.

Amidst this creative process, a welcomed guest graced the scene – a honey bee, curiously exploring the very blossoms I was arranging. Capturing this enchanting interaction, I’ve included a snapshot to share with you. (See attached photo)

A Call to Support Our Honey Bee Friends:

As we celebrate the allure of thrifted finds and the beauty of wildflowers, let’s also take a moment to stand with our crucial honey bee population. These industrious pollinators play an extraordinary role in our world, ensuring the pollination of countless plant species that underpin our food chain.

Consider dedicating a corner of your garden to nurturing flowers that provide sustenance for honey bees. By planting bee-friendly blooms like lavender, sunflowers, and zinnias, we contribute to the well-being of these vital creatures whose populations are currently at risk. Through this act of care, we champion their cause and promote a healthier environment.

A Blossoming Adventure Awaits:

Are you ready to take your creative journey a step further? This is the perfect opportunity to embark on a refreshing walk or hike, gathering your own unique array of wildflowers to craft a thrifted arrangement that resonates with your personal style. Whether it’s a solitary exploration or a shared adventure, the world of wildflowers awaits your discovery.

We’re excited to see your own wildflower-inspired thrifted vase arrangements! Don’t hesitate to reply to this email with an image of your creation. We’ll proudly showcase a selection of your imaginative creations in our upcoming newsletters.

 One of our Bust Into Bloom Team Members, Charlene set out to embrace the upcoming days and made her own arrangemnt!  

“I used an old glass maple syrup jar and then foraged these from our property. I set them on the outdoor table so I get to enjoy them and the bees still can too!”

As we celebrate the magic of National Thrift Shop Day and honor the unwavering honey bees, let’s bask in the enchantment of thrifted treasures, the elegance of wildflowers, and the profound impact of nurturing our pollinator companions.

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