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Lauren Burk – Chief Floral Designer and Your Guide On This Incredible Floral Journey!

Here’s what’s included in this incredible program:

Grow Your Floral Design Foundations Knowledge with Ease (Educational Training Modules):

Gain expertise with five easy-to-follow and engaging educational video training modules, covering everything from floral design basics to intermediate techniques.

Mason Jar Arrangement with Joyful Blooms:

Discover the secrets to creating small yet impactful arrangements that make for delightful gifts.

Hearty & Welcoming Floral Design:

Experiment with compostable floral foam and shorter vases to craft captivating tabletop focal points that enliven any space.

Wispy & Whimsical Arrangement:

Master the techniques of working with chicken wire mechanics and taller vases to produce enchanting, airy arrangements suitable for entryways.

Playful Yet Subtle Centrepiece:

Utilize clear floral tape as an invisible mechanic to achieve a stunning centrepiece, showcasing soft shades of blush and peach that exude sophistication.

Non-Traditional Tablescape:

Embrace a free-spirited, unconventional approach as you design distinctive floral arrangements where creativity knows no bounds.

Printable Step-By-Step guides to Accompany the Video Tutorials:

Download the guides at your leisure and review the easy-to-follow video tutorials in written form! Just like following a recipe to create a captivating meal, use the recipe guide to create these stunning arrangements.

Access to a Wealth of Floral Knowledge (Greenhouse Library):

Our extensive digital library is at your fingertips, offering a wealth of practical guides, tips, and resources to enhance your floral design expertise.

Get your instant access for only one payment of $27 (usually $450 when taught in person), only for a limited time. Act fast because this offer goes away very soon!

Unlock Immediate and Exclusive Access to Bonus Content:

BONUS: Intention Setting to Elevate Creativity:

Discover how to tap into your well of creativity using Lauren’s personal techniques before starting an arrangement to make your creations stand out from the crowd.

BONUS: Access an Extensive Reference of Flowers (Floral Directory):

When envisioning your next design, consult our Floral Directory for a wide range of blooms, guiding you to the perfect petals needed to complete your masterpiece.

Join for only $27 (over $450 when taught live). Become an amazing floral designer, so you can create incredible arrangements for your home, as gifts or to turn it into a career… for a fraction of the cost!

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