August Delight: Fresh Peaches and Fruity Floral Inspirations!

As the sun-kissed days of August roll on, a burst of sweet juiciness takes center stage – it’s the month of peaches! Just like the warm summer sun, peaches bring a touch of delight to our senses, making this month a perfect time to celebrate their deliciousness. At Burst Into Bloom, we’re excited to explore the art of incorporating peaches and other fruits into floral arrangements, adding a playful twist to your botanical creations.

The Peachy Elegance of Summer:

Peaches, with their soft and velvety exterior, embody the essence of summer in a single bite. They evoke memories of lazy afternoons spent savoring their bright sweetness and indulging in the warmth of the season. It’s no wonder that peaches have become a delightful symbol of August, capturing the spirit of sunshine and abundance.

Fruitful Tips for Blooming Creativity:

Bringing a touch of nature’s bounty into your floral arrangements is a wonderful way to infuse vibrancy and visual interest. Here are some tips to consider when incorporating fruits into your next masterpiece:

1. Exploring the Fruit Spectrum:

Don’t limit yourself to peaches alone; a rich array of fruits can elevate your arrangements. Berries, vining fruits like grapes, or larger options such as lemons, apples, and even miniature pineapples can serve as captivating accents or striking focal points. Imagine the burst of color from a cluster of kumquats amid lush foliage or the elegance of a pomegranate nestled among blossoms.

2. Integrating Fruits Seamlessly:

For fruits that naturally grow on branches, stems, or vines, leave them attached for an effortless integration. Larger fruits can be given a “stem” by placing them on a skewer (you can also wrap them in green florist’s tape), ensuring they’re securely positioned within the arrangement. For stability, consider adding stiff floral wire or additional support. Keeping your creation hydrated is key, so misting the arrangement helps maintain the freshness of the fruit.

3. Submerging in Elegance:


Consider the artistic impact of submerging fruits within the vase holding your flowers. This technique works well with citrus fruits or cranberries, providing a visually striking and vibrant addition to your arrangement. When using this method, regularly changing the water ensures clarity and a longer-lasting display.

4. Harmony and Ethylene Gas:

While merging fruits and flowers creates a captivating display, be aware of ethylene gas produced by some fruits as they ripen (such as apples and pears). This gas can affect the longevity of your blooms. To counter this, choose less-sensitive blooms, opt for fruits with lower ethylene emission, or seek the guidance of an experienced florist to curate harmonious combinations.

A Peachy Floral Creation:

To celebrate August being the month for Peaches I made an arrangement crafted using peaches, Senseii roses, peach alstroemeria, celosia, and gladiolus. This blend of soft hues and textures captures the essence of summer’s elegance, embodying the spirit of the season within a floral symphony.

As you explore the delightful world of incorporating fruits into your floral designs, remember that each creation is an opportunity to express your unique style and personality. Whether you’re embracing the charm of peaches or exploring the playful character of other fruits, let your imagination bloom!

We’d love to see your fruity floral experiments. Feel free to share your creations with us by replying to this email. Let’s infuse our arrangements with the juicy spirit of August and relish in the beauty of nature’s palette.

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