A Little About Me

Floral design has been my passion since I could walk and talk.

As early as three years old, I’d follow my mom around greenhouses and pick up flowers that had fallen to the floor. I would float them in a water bowl when we got home. I’d arrange and rearrange the flowers for days. Floral design has always been a part of my personality, and I am so thankful to say that this passion has turned into my full-time profession.


During the 2020 Spring season, I filled my time in a small studio space that was below my apartment complex. Until I came along, it had been vacant for years. It wasn’t pretty, but I added my sparkle to it. This space was a stepping stone to following my passion for starting my business. In the summer of 2020, I worked as a waitress saving all my tips to invest in my business.

That fall I met my landlord, secured my new shop space and renovated it with a ton of help from talented family and friends.

What was once only a dream, was becoming a reality! In the spring of 2021, I finally opened my dream shop called The Green House Floral Bar’ in Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada. It’s located in a beautiful south-facing building that we painted a joyful green color to represent balance. We opened during Covid, when the world did not commonly feel hope and joy. I intended to provide a neutral and safe space for everyone to feel joyful, connected, and creatively inspired. I am very proud that I am often told how amazing “the vibe” is at the shop and how they “feel happier after being there,” proving the achievement of my goal! 

The Beginnings of Burst Into Bloom!

Thank you for now being part of the next chapter of this story with BurstIntoBloom.com! I love creating floral designs, whether for myself or others and find great fulfillment in sharing my creative process. Helping people tap into their creativity is very rewarding, and the self-care/release they get from it is always inspiring. This inspiration is why I immediately jumped for it when offered the opportunity to expand my floral passion online! I love being able to share both the tangible and mental skills I use and have helped others use to be able to become their best creative self. The term “Burst Into Bloom” refers to when a flower fully blooms in a much shorter time frame than expected, and we chose this name because it represents the experience we want you to have. We want to be an incredible resource for you, with our goal being to… “Provide a safe and joyful online community that helps and inspires others to unlock their unique creative self to enable the creation of gorgeous impactful floral displays faster than expected!”

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